Rogue Dead Guy Ale

Beer Name: Dead Guy Ale

Beer Category: Golden Ale

Brewery: Rogue Ales

ABV: 6.5%

IBU: 40

Best-By Date (if applicable): N/A

Appearance: Dark gold color in the top half of the glass getting lighter the further down it goes. The body is somewhat cloudy. About an inch of head which dissipated slowly. 8 (for the unique coloring)

Aroma: Strong wheat smell. No real hints of anything just off the smell. 6

Palate: Smooth taste.  Not sharp at all. 7.5

Flavor: Great flavor. Not too full, but not too light. No bitter aftertaste. 7

Overall: 7

Rogue is a brewery I’ve heard a lot about from the Beers, Beards, Bastards podcast. It always seems to be a favorite of the guys but being in the Midwest, it is always difficult finding West coast beers. The Dead Guy Ale is described as being “honey” in color and they aren’t kidding. It looks like it would be thick syrup in the glass. I would love to meet the bees that would create this beer! The coloring is the most unique I’ve come across in a while. It is pretty dark towards the top of the glass and lightens up as you follow it down. Upon pouring the beer it creates a head of at least an inch thick. It takes a little bit of time to dissipate so you can enjoy for a minute or so. The smell is rather simple, strong wheat and no real hints of anything else.  The Alchemy Ale drew me in with its aroma, but the Dead Guy Ale drew me in with the coloring.

The first sip was a pleasant greeting of flavor without any kind of bitterness.  The beer is very smooth and inviting. It does not pierce your throat upon swallow and doesn’t leave much of an after taste.

Overall, I really enjoyed this beer. Its coloring is definitely a highlight and the smooth flavor is properly represented by the colors. This is one of the more plain Ales I’ve had in the sense that there were no citrusy hints, but it is a beer I would absolutely recommend to friends.

Bonus point: The bottle glows in the dark!

Coloring in the Glass

Coloring in the Glass


– Adam


3 thoughts on “Rogue Dead Guy Ale

  1. I’ve seen this a number of times and almost bought it every time. I’m not sure why I have yet to try it. I just may after reading this. Thanks for posting!

  2. Deadguy Ale is a classic and probably the best known of the Rogue beers. Although I don’t drink it often I’m always glad when I do. The best Rogue beer for me is Shakespeare Stout. You should give it a try if you have the chance.

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