Monkey King Saison


Brewery: New Holland Brewing

Beer Name: Monkey King Saison

Beer Category: Farmhouse Ale

ABV: 6.6%

Best-By Date (if applicable): N/A

Appearance: Light, yellow-ish hue color. Cloudy body. Inch or so of head after pour. 6

Aroma: Dry, Citrus smell. Also smell the wheat. 7

Palate: Pretty carbonated taste. Does not leave a good aftertaste 4

Flavor: Pretty sour flavor. Very light body. Aftertaste is not pleasant. 2

Overall: 4

The New Holland Monkey King Saison presents itself well with a nice color and pleasant smell. It had the wheat smell I expected for it being the farmhouse ale, but the taste was subpar at best. It describes itself as having a peppery taste and I could taste it, but the overwhelming taste was of sour lemon. It was a very light body but not overly carbonated. It just flat out had a terrible aftertaste. I don’t believe in pouring out beers so we were forced to finish it, but I would never recommend this to anyone.


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