Super Bowl Prediction

I am marrying into a family of die hard Bronco fans. I’ve never had anything against the Broncos. I like Peyton Manning a lot, and have since his Indy days. There is just something about this Seattle team that I love. I’ve played soccer all my life and always played defense so I think that’s where my “attraction” to Seattle comes from. I love the cocky, somewhat-overconfident attitude they exude on the field. The best part of the “Legion of Boom” is the fact that they back it up with their play. They are ferocious, they are tenacious, and they are not afraid of a penalty….or two. The oldest cliche in the book (when it comes to football) is that Defense Wins Championships. Well, Seattle has the #1 defense and I think they are going to pull it off. I know Manning has put up ridiculous numbers all year and that he is definitely one of the top QBs in the game and I think he will be able to be somewhat effective.  This is why I think Seattle will have more of an effect than other teams have: The fact that they jam receivers almost every play. Manning’s favorite plays are the quick, underneath timing routes. Seattle does so well at getting hands on the receivers that I think they will be very effective at messing up the timing routes. If the DBs can get inside leverage on the Denver receivers it will disrupt the route and could possibly lead to interceptions. I think mid-level routes are going to the most effective against the Seattle defense. Seattle is tough short and will be very hard to beat long. I do expect Manning to test Sherman and not shy away from him.

It’ll be a difficult situation for me to root for the Broncos on the outside but secretly pull for the Seahawks on the inside, but I think I’ll be able to do it.

So, while I would love for the Broncos to win and especially for Manning to get #2, I believe the Seahawks will win this game.

– Adam


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