Smuttynose Imperial Stout

smuttynose 1

Brewery: Smuttynose Brewing Company

Beer Name: Imperial Stout

Beer Category: Stout

ABV: 9.8%

Best-By Date (if applicable): N/A

Appearance: Very dark color. Very minimal head, caramel in color. Not see thru at all. 8

Aroma: Dark chocolate smell. Hints of coffee, but not overpowering. 7.5

Palate: Creamy feel. Not sharp or bitter. Feels like a chocolate milkshake after it has melted. 7

Flavor: Great Café Mocha-esque flavor. Has a cappaccino feel and aftertaste to it which is pleasant to me personally. 7.5

Overall: 7.5

The Smuttynose Imperial Stout pours and looks like a general stout. The head does leave some lacing after each drink on the glass that holds until the next drink. It has a great smell. It’s in between a dark chocolate and milk chocolate with a few hints of coffee and caramel mixed in. The feel and taste of the Stout are great. Tastes like a light roast coffee mixed with hot chocolate. Overall this is a great tasting beer and it gets bonus points for coming the big beer bottle of 1 Pint and 6 Ounces.

– Adam


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